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Our Team

The Mission Perio team is dedicated to keeping your teeth for a lifetime, pain free and looking their best.   Through periodontal treatment, preventive gum surgery and hygiene maintenance we can treat your gums and reduce inflammation to keep you healthy.  If we cant keep your teeth we can provide dental implant procedures to keep your oral function, structure and facial features like new.  Our mission is to work with our patients, their dentists and other dental specialists to provide a dental framework that is healthy, functional and beautiful.


The placement of dental implants has been an integral part of our practice as a proven option for long-term replacement of missing teeth.

Dentists have entrusted us by referring patients for our care and treatment.  We do not take this responsibility lightly; we strive to earn it with each and every patient. Please visit our website for information.  Contact us so that together we can plan a healthier tomorrow.


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